Surf Leader CI4+ is Shimano’s Surf casting dedicated reel. The previous work 13 Surf Leader CI4+ was a remarkable reel as an authentic surf casting introductory reel, it was a wonderful reel with the best performance, cost performance, light weight và the best performance. 18 Shurf Leader CI4+, whose concept has been reborn as it is, attracts attention as a full-scale surf casting aim.

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Surf casting trò chơi is a field with strong elements that damage sand, sea breeze và reels. Dedicated reels are required khổng lồ have high waterproof & dustproof performance and strength to lớn rust. Surf Leader CI 4 + is a reliable reel with high durability evaluation và sufficient durability.


Characteristics of Surf Leader CI4+

One piece veil


Succeeded in manufacturing seamless integrally formed veil. It looks beautiful and realizes trouble less.

Sand protector


It prevents sand etc. From invading the inside of the spool, such as windy days. (35 accessories)

CI4+ rotor


Lightweight carbon material, new carbon material evolved CI4+. Improvement of rigidity & durability at the time of actual without changing the lightness of CI4+. This makes it possible to make the rotor smaller and lighter.

Line safety guard


“Line safety guard” that prevents troubles of line involvement is installed inside the spool. New structure concerning the silhouette around the spool.

High tốc độ drag (SD35 only)


By adopting a special drag washer, it is possible khổng lồ adjust the drag force minimum – Max with one turn of the knob. It is effective also for the of the placing rod.

Surf Leader CI4+ lineup

Surf Leader CI4+ has three models according to lớn the thickness of the line. The thin line makes longer cast possible, the standard line demonstrates the power & corresponds lớn the fight with the big fish.


Shimano 18 Surf Leader CI4+ 35 microfine

The best long cast model. Extemely thin line specification.

$197.70 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano 18 Surf Leader CI4+ 35 fine

The long cast model. Thin line specification.

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$197.70 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano 18 Surf Leader CI4+ SD35

The power model. Standard line specification. Equipped with High speed drag.

$211.58 Buy at Asian Portal

Best match tackle!

Shimano Surf Rod Recommended series


Shimano Surf rod is a series recommended for those who really want lớn enjoy Surf casting. You can cast a weight of #25 khổng lồ #30 (3.5oz) with a light force. Please enjoy the big fish off the coast aiming at Shore.

Characteristics of Shimano Surf rod

Spiral X


“Spiral X” is a three-layer structure in which carbon tapes are closely wound in opposite directions obliquely, respectively, in the inner layer & the outer layer of rod longitudinal fibers. With diagonal fibers inside và outside instead of conventional transverse fibers, it increases rigidity without increasing weight. Shimano’s quality “basic structure” enhances instantaneous power nguồn transmission in actions such as casting and fighting, maintaining lightness và enhancing “ground power khổng lồ capture”.

Hi-Power X


“Hi-Power X” is a “reinforced structure” that wraps the outermost layer of blanks in X shape with a carbon tape and suppresses twisting further. The width & angle of the carbon tape lớn be wrapped are freely changed depending on the type to be used for the part & the part lớn be wound, & careful adjustment is given, so the bending of the rod maintains the intended direction of the angler.

Meaning of series sign

Symbols vary depending on the difference in maximum weight.

DXT: 3.0oz – 4.0ozCXT: 3.3oz – 4.6ozBXT: 3.6oz – 4.6oz

1. Shimano Surf Chaser


Full-bodied all-round model wearing whole body toàn thân high power X. Recommended for people who begin surf casting trò chơi in earnest. (Spiral X is not installed)

Shimano Surf Chaser 375 EXT

$166.72 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Surf Chaser 405 DXT

$172.44 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Surf Chaser 405 BXT

$182.25 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Surf Chaser 445 CXT

$183.89 Buy at Asian Portal

2. Shimano Surf Lander

“Evolutionary mild tune” was added to lớn the double X structure of “Spiral X” + “High nguồn X”.It is a recommended rod especially for that uses a thick line aimed at big fish.It is easier to throw, aim the flight distance, let the fish float quickly with the nguồn of the rod.


Shimano Surf Lander 425 DXT

$349.79 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Surf Lander 405 BXT

$375.95 Buy at Asian Portal

3. Shimano Spin Power

By applying thorough tuning suitable for long cast khổng lồ rod công nghệ such as “Spiral X” structure and “Hi-Power X” structure, it was finished in a rod that strongly repels after firmly bending. We will demonstrate the rod potential of the new dimension which has never existed before.


Shimano Spin nguồn 425CX

$1090.97 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Spin power nguồn 405CXT

$866.80 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Spin power 405DX

$845.31 Buy at Asian Portal

4. Shimano Spin power PF (Power

“Spin power PF” of a dedicated rod recommended to lớn those who aim for bigger fish decorated with Fairy Red. Will surely catch a big fish with the nguồn of the new dimension .

Shimano Spin power PF 425 BXT

$990.10 Buy at Asian Portal

Shimano Spin power nguồn PF 425 CXT

$943.40 Buy at Asian Portal

Let’s enjoy Surf casting with Shimano tackle!


The cast from the surf is exhilarating!Participate in tournaments, aiming big fish, enjoy with family, & a variety of styles. Surf is may catch unexpected big fish. I think that is the biggest attraction.Please enjoy Surf full of charm with Shimano’s Surf casting tackle.