The worldwide appeal of Ho chi Minh thành phố is reflected in its selection of top shopping malls. From the yesteryear charm of Vincom Center A to the modernity of ICON68, malls in Saigon are as eclectic & unique as the city’s residents.

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Though not as renowned or recognized as Milan, New York, or Paris, Ho đưa ra Minh is a terrific shopping destination for any budget và tastes. Its impact on commerce is only becoming more & more pronounced. To lớn help you get the most out of your shopping escapades, let’s look at the best malls in HCMC & the type of attractions each one possesses.

In addition khổng lồ modern shopping malls, và for even better giao dịch on local goods, địa chỉ one of Saigon’s colorful markets to lớn your shopping spree. But unlike the stores listed below, the vendors in the markets rarely take credit cards.

For those who’ll be visiting the capital city to the north on your holiday, discover the đứng đầu shopping malls in Hanoi.

In no particular order, here are the best shopping centers in Ho bỏ ra Minh City:

Saigon Square – District 1

Saigon Square. Photo: jaya

Located 3-minutes away from Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Square is one of the busiest malls in HCMC. Famous for its abundance of clothes, jewelry, và household items, this bustling mall is famous for its reasonable prices & bartering culture. Saigon Square is hugely popular with both locals & tourists – so expect a bustling atmosphere with plenty of character.

Keep your wits about you, though, & be sure khổng lồ politely interact with vendors to lớn get the best possible bargain. In addition lớn its eclectic range và cheap prices, Saigon Square is also fully air-conditioned – proving relief from the intense heat of Ho chi Minh thành phố during the apex of summer. There are also plenty of food và drinks stalls nearby for some post-shopping refreshments.

Saigon Square is located on the corner of ​​Nam Kỳ Khởi & Le Loi. The mall was opened in 2000 và is open from 8 am until 10 pm.

Vincom Center A và B – District 1

Vincom Center A. Photo: Thachrungchilinh

This opulent-looking mall is so expansive that it’s divided between two main buildings: Vincom Center A & Vincom Center B. Whilst there are distinct architectural differences between the two, both offer a world-class shopping experience.

Housed in an ornate, French-style building, Vincom Center A epitomizes luxury shopping in Vietnam. Iconic fashion brands line the Baroque window fronts and the smells of expensive perfume draft through the pristine hallways. Upscale apparel isn’t the only strong point of the Vincom Center A, however, as it also boasts a number of electronic stores và unique household shops.

There’s even a kids’ area on the basement level, along with several food outlets – including the famous Paris Baguette, one of the bakery chains found around the city. Vincom Center A is located at 171 Dong Khoi và is xuất hiện from 9 am until 10 pm.

Vincom Center, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Photo: Peter Nguyen

Vincom Center B is in stark contrast to the old-world glamour of its neighbor. Located in a formidable glass skyscraper, its panoramic windows were designed lớn let in as much natural light as possible. Though the building encompasses 26 stories, only a handful are dedicated khổng lồ the Vincom Center B Mall.

Visitors can find everything from fashion, khổng lồ technology, to lớn entertainment outlets along with a supermarket, a cinema, & even a health clinic. Center B certainly feels lượt thích the more modern of the two & it covers a much larger space. For refreshments, visitors have an eclectic range of restaurants to lớn choose from including Thai, Japanese, Italian, và American food outlets.

Vincom Center B is located at 72 Lê Thánh Tôn Street, a short distance away from the Saigon River. The mall is located in a 26-story skyscraper and opened in 2010. It has the same opening hours as Vincom Center A.

Diamond Plaza – District 1

Diamond Plaza. Photo: Paul Arps

The luxurious diamond Plaza opened its doors to the public in 1999 & is situated in front of a glass skyscraper. Located in the heart of District 1, this impressive shopping center offers a variety of electronic, cosmetic, & entertainment stores. Its classy colonial appearance meshes well with the old-world charm of nearby Notre Dame Cathedral and the lush greenery of April 30th Park.

Diamond Plaza offers shopping facilities that are nothing short of world-class. The first floor is dedicated to lớn cosmetics & jewelry, whereas the second floor is where designer clothing is housed. Shopping isn’t the only major attraction, as kim cương Plaza is also home to a bowling alley, a cinema, & an arcade – making it ideal for relaxed indoor recreation.

It’s best khổng lồ head lớn the cinema during the quieter midweek period. SuperBowl Vietnam, the in-house bowling alley, has 32 lanes, meaning that there is usually some space no matter what the time of the week. The shopping center is located at 34 Le Duan Street – just a few blocks away from the Notre Dame Cathedral & the Saigon Post Office. It’s xuất hiện from 9:30 am until 10 pm.

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Saigon Garden Malls – District 12

Saigon Garden Malls. Photo:

The unique Saigon Garden Mall is notable for its eye-catching design and status as HCMC’s greenest shopping facility. The Garden Mall achieves the perfect equilibrium between urban and rural. The luscious outside greenery gives it an eco-friendly touch whereas its trendy shops and modernized amenities are distinctly 21st-century.

The first floor is mostly dedicated to food outlets. Upstairs on floor two, visitors can immerse themselves in culture by visiting HCMC’s largest bookstores – where over 50,000 books can be found. Other facilities include the 150-seat Theatre de Cholon, where a variety of traditional Vietnamese performing arts are held, và the One Club Fitness and Yoga Center.

An all-encompassing, comprehensive shopping and cultural facility, the Saigon Garden Mall is a highlight of Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị commerce. It’s located at 190 Hong Bang Street in District 12.

ICON68 – District 1

Bitexco Financial Tower & Icon68. Photo: Icon68 Shopping Center

The soaring bitexco Financial Tower houses the acclaimed ICON68 Mall, located in the heart of District 1. The six-story mall is trang chủ to some of the world’s finest brands và shops. Whether you wish khổng lồ treat yourself to lớn a new thiết bị di động phone or simply window shop at the luxury stores, ICON68 has something for everybody.

Like most Saigon Malls, ICON68 possesses an eclectic food court on its upper floors, however, a quality feature within the building is the Saigon Skydeck – a stunning observation deck offering panoramic views of the city. Despite its relatively recent construction, ICON68 has already become one of HCMC’s finest malls.

If you’re looking for somewhere to splash the cash and treat yourself, be sure lớn head there and enjoy all of their opulent offerings. ICON68 is mở cửa from 9:30 am until 9:30 pm during the week, with an extra hour added on during weekends.

Takashimaya (Saigon Center) – District 1 

Saigon Centre. Photo: Edgardo W. Olivera

Ho đưa ra Minh’s Saigon Center can be found in District 1 và is also referred to lớn as Takashimaya HCMC. The first Japanese department store in the city, Takashimaya features a global hàng hóa range và classy, high-end architecture. The malls’ architectural splendor is reflected in its line of shops.

Here, shoppers have access to luxury makeup, fashion, & recreational brands from all over the world. From fine European footwear lớn cutting-edge Japanese technology, there’s no shortage of places khổng lồ spend your money in style.

The upper floors of the Takashimaya Mall are dedicated to an expansive food court – consisting of mainly Japanese & Vietnamese outlets. A relaxed, posh, and stately mall, the Takashimaya Mall is perfect for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. This mall is xuất hiện from 9:30 am khổng lồ 9: 30 pm daily.

Landmark 81 – Binh Thanh 

Landmark 81, Binh Thanh. Photo: Csaba Molnar

In July 2018, Vietnam welcomed its tallest building to the public – the 481.5 meters (1,513 ft) Landmark 81 building. The skyscraper was built & primarily funded by Vietnamese real estate giants vinhomes riverside and can be found on the banks of the Saigon River in the Binh Thanh District.

Shopping at Vincom Center Landmark 81, the building’s in-house mall covers 6 floors for a total area of 59,000 m2. As you’d expect, the mall is lined with world-famous brands and has all the bells & whistles of a modern supermall. Visitors have plenty of choices when it comes to satisfying their fashion, jewelry, kitchenware, and recreational needs.

The massive mall caters not only khổng lồ adults but kids as well thanks lớn the huge Funnyland Toystore – where kids can view toys from all over the world. In addition to lớn the abundance of retail choices, Landmark 81 also houses the CGV Cineplex, the Vincom Ice Rink (the largest rink in the country) as well over 30 restaurants of several worldwide cuisines.

Your trip to lớn Landmark 81 would not be complete without a visit lớn the observation deck. Located on the three highest floors of the building, visitors will be treated to lớn spectacular views of the city, the flowing Saigon River, và beyond. Cấp độ 79 features a coffee lounge where visitors can sit back, relax, & observe the unrivaled view. Landmark 81’s mall is xuất hiện from 9:30 am until 10 pm.

Pearl Plaza – District 2 và Binh Thanh

Pearl Plaza, Binh Thanh. Photo: Pearl Plaza

The Pearl Plaza malls are located in District 1 và 2 respectively. Although they greatly differ in terms of size, they both offer unique shopping experiences.

Pearl Plaza Thao Dien in District 2 is a small mall located in the heart of a backpacking district, Pearl Plaza 1 offers shops and a UFC gym for visitors to lớn keep fit. Pearl Plaza 2 in Binh Thanh district is much larger than Pearl Plaza 1, offering a larger range of shops, along with additional amenities for those living in the léman luxury apartments above.

HCMC has plenty of unique và stunning malls. As its economy continues to lớn grow, shoppers will be spoilt for choice when it comes lớn spending their money and time. With a wide range of stores, activities, và restaurants, these big malls truly cater to every type of shopper. Housed in some of the tallest buildings in Vietnam, a trip lớn any of these locations is sure lớn be a fun-filled time.